Quality Policy

Quality management system of Derussa Factory has unified policy for all departments. Control of production process is exercised in accordance with the procedures and instructions of quality management system of the company.

Quality control during production process is exercised over all stages:

  1. Initial check of raw material quality
  2. Control over all production processes
  3. Control over the end product

Derussa factory has a department of quality management with independent coordinating function. The department exercises control over all production stages and helps to eliminate the manufacturing of defective and faulty products, controls the implementation of improvements, technological discipline and manages the process of staff training . Constant operating control in the workshop allows to find out and eliminate possible problems and does not allow faulty products to appear on the next stage of production.

Constant quality control allows us to make efficient preventative activities.

We are absolutely orientated on the client needs.

Any client can get professional advise from our specialists. We quickly react on quality problems.