Environment Policy

Derussa understands the necessity of constant reduction of negative influence of main production on the environment . The factory brings it into accordance with requirements of Russian and International Regulations.

These principles form the basis of environment policy of the factory:

  • Rigid compliance with the requirements of Environmental Law of Russian Federation.
  • Efficient management of environmental risks by reducing of emergency situations and a taking into account environmental factors in development of new technical projects.
  • Adaption of new technologies, which provide efficient use of resources and reduce of negative influence on environment.
  • Training of factory staff to increase its qualification and personal environment responsibility level.
  • Providing information on influence of factory activities on the environment, on environment protection actions of the company.


Active environment policy of the company is directed to the reduction of negative influence on the environment and maximum improvement of ecological situation by means of changing to new safe technologies.

It is very important for us that not only company management and operating team, but each employee takes care about environment.