Furniture Board

Furniture Board


Derussa Factory manufatures high quality laminated furniture board.


The factory has a possibility to produce boards from monolithic lamella, from lamellas jointed together with a mini pin, as well as profiled boards (any edge profile)


Variety of sizes allows us to use our laminated boards for production of high quality furniture for home and office, children furniture, doors, stairs, window sills, as well as for construction and decoration works.


Мебельный щит

Material: pine
Polished, 40-180
Humidity: 8%±2%
Glue: D3
Thickness: 8-45 mm.s
Sizes: max length 3,5 м., min width 46 mm.
Class: А/А, А/В, А/С, В/В, В/С, С/С


Shrink packaging: boards can be packed individually and marked by a label according to the customer’s requirements.


Production capacity: 1500 m3 в pro month.


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