Derussa Factory offers you wooden cottages, houses, steam houses and garden houses from regularized round timber.

Nowadays wooden houses become more and more popular all over the world as timber is a unique natural material with various advantages which differs wood from other building materials. Timber, being the healthiest material for house constructions has following undeniable advantages:

  • high strength;
  • resilience;
  • low weight;
  • low conductivity, which provides the same temperature indoors as if there were a brick wall 2.5 times thicker than a wooden one.

It will always be warm in such a house in winter and cool in summer. Wood is a construction material created by the nature itself. It is no wonder that timber has a healthy influence on people. In the house you can always enjoy harmony of wood, which brings a unique feeling of coziness.

Regularized round timber, made on modern wood processing machines, allows to build comfortable, environment-oriented houses, which satisfies requirements of the most exacting clients. Another advantage of blokhauses in comparison with frame and brick houses is a minimal indoor and outdoor decoration. It allows to enjoy natural decorativeness of this constructional material and to reduce the costs for the building.

We produce regularized round timber from selected soft wood from Arkhangelskaja and Vologda region. Specialists of our company pay attention to the quality, using eco-friendly materials. In our workshops we make regularized round timber in diameters from 160 mm up to 280 mm. We advise you to build a house from eco-friendly modern material – from regularized round timber. Our specialists will help you to find typical project or develop your individual one which will correspond to all your requirements and possibilities. Blockhouse will please you and your family for many years!