We serve for making benefits from natural resources using them effectively and efficient.

We produce high quality ecological products.

We guarantee stable, long-term and efficient collaborating conditions for all related parties – sharers, investors, employees, customers and suppliers.

Our goals:

To keep independent continuous manufacturing and non-stop deliveries of highest qualityproducts.

To provide sharers and investors high return on investments.

To strengthen and keep competitive position of our product in Russian and European markets.

To support continuous professional growth and development of company’s team, to guarantee safety and operational comfort, good salary level, social protection.

To forward economic growth, social stability, success and progress in the region.


To meet the goals the company uses all possibilities, including efficient production, product quality improvement, new technologies investigation and implementation.

We try to keep a leading position among woodworking factories in Russia. We are not afraid of difficulties; we accept any challenges worthily and always aim to meet our objectives. We develop client orientated business and our main intention is to satisfy our customers. Following European business principles we do our best to make cooperation with us easy and comfortable.

Our key corporate principles are honesty, respectability and responsibility. We are constantly developing in professional and cultural spheres.