About Company

Derussa factory was built in Vologda region in 2008. In 2008 the workshop with the capacity of 18 000 m3 was started.

Derussa factory manufactures high quality products from soft-wood: furniture boards from solid pine wood, furniture parts, furniture from solid wood, as well as decorative wall panels from solid pine wood.

Nowadays Derussa is one of the most modern wood-processing factories in Europe.

The factory was cinstructed with the help of high-performance equipment by Weinig AG, Costa, Mouldex, Dantherm, Katres.

Important advantages of our factory are its geographical vicinity to raw material sources and transport availability: Derussa factory is situated in the center of European part of Russia and is equidistant from main market outlets – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Other advantages of the factory are high qualified personnel and modern production technologies.

The factory corresponds to all modern ideas on advanced production and therefore can contribute to long term development of timber industry.